Designing the future of Tripoli’s furniture production

Join EU Delegation to Lebanon and Expertise France for an exciting brunch of discussions and networking, sharing product design trends and expressing thoughts on designing the future of Tripoli's furniture production. 

Meet us during Beirut Design Week at Antwork Kantari on June 23rd, Il a.m.

Presentations and Guest Speakers

• Connect and design with Tripoli's wood processors

            Mrs. Rota Haidar, General Manager, VArtisan du Liban

• Design makes all the difference

            Come and find out the influential Lebanese designer behind this talk!

• Behind the scenes Of an exciting upcoming platform

            Mr. Dany Abboud, Member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI}

• Tripoli's design challenge. From sketches to creation

            Mr. Ibrahim Zahreddine, co-founder of Innovation Factory

For confirmation. please RSVP before June 19.2018.